“Flutuar” music video starring the amazing Angolan Top Model Marisa Gonçalves announced to premiere June 29th 2018 at 7pm CAT marking the major return of legendary Angolan superstar singer-songwriter music entertainment mogul PAUL G!

An irrefutable reference of modern Angolan music, PAUL G, one of the members of SSP who were the groundbreaking and biggest influencers in the history of Angolan and all other African Portuguese speaking countries’  RAP and Hip Hop history, will release tomorrow, June 29th on YouTube, his brand new music video from the song “ Flutuar” that means: I’m floating (like in the air or space), which is actually a remix of one of his previous released songs now done by his own Magic Fingaz label in association with BLS label from C4Pedro and co-produced by Luky Gomes.

In an RNB vibe, the music and lyrics were produced by Paul G, and are now featuring C4Pedro that added his own melody ideas to the track that celebrates love and is dedicated to all couples in love. @paulgpaulg that in the last 2 years has been collaborating as event manager and PR with Wii Club, one of the hottest spots in Dubai located at the roof top of the Conrad Hotel, and has also been working on productions for other artists, now returns front and center to the African music scene alongside the great @c4pedro_official in a sexy and smooth music video where the Angolan catwalk queen and awarded Top Model from STEP, Marisa Gonçalves dominates the screen showcasing all the radiance and splendour of the African Beauty.

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